majalah intisari: gadget edition (part2)

I have talked about intisari magz, one of my fave magz since I was a child. now, I even write on it! and often! isn't it great? actually, I should post it on dec 2010. but, you know bla.. bla..bla.. iI just can post it today :)

I wrote for esai foto rubric. photos are usually come from my photographer, Patmawitana. this is not for the first time I wrote for intisari magz. but, this was my first time posting it. oh ya, this is an exclusive edition that discusses the ins and outs of the gadget. ranging from smartphones to the hackers. me? me talked about the eruption of Mount Merapi which is taking place at that time.
the other news is I have a new friend named anastasia. she is really smart. if u won't believe me, than check her blog now! go.. go.. go...


  1. Wow! Thats impressive! I have always wanted to write in a magazine! You write for PLAYBOY too?? Wow...

  2. Play Boy always attracts great writers. If you ever get the chance you should share your article with your fans.. If it is possible you should share the topic with us..

  3. yillen dear, i wrote short story once time for playboy. i write literature n feature few times, not only for playboy. but, playboy it's like a big bounce for me... :D

    hi christoper, i wrote short story in playboy. but, i will never write there bcoz playboy is not published anymore. u know, playboy always labeled as a bad magz here (indonesia). n yeah, i agree that playboy is a great magz.